UX Researcher and Human Factors Engineer with a passion for improving medical technology.


Voice Interface for X-Ray Techs

Two-week discovery research project examining opportunities for a voice interface to address pain points in the X-Ray Technician workflow. Research methods include in-hospital observation and interviews.

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Self-Service Gas Pump

Three month project re-designing the pay-at-the pump gas station experience with a vending machine combination.

Research methods include interviews, focus groups, surveys, observation, usability testing and heuristic evaluation.

Restaurant Inventory Management

Three month project designing a novel, large-scale kitchen inventory system with touch and speech based inputs.

Research methods include interviews, surveys, competitive analysis, usability testing and SUS.

Clinical Therapy Dashboard

Six month project researching and designing a clinician-facing dashboard for providers treating patients with PTSD.

Research methods include interviews, card sorting, surveys, task analysis, cognitive walkthroughs and think-aloud usability testing.

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gGastro Mobile

During my internship, I designed and conducted all research for the launch of the ModMed gGastro Mobile EHR app.

Research methods used include interviews, card sorting and think-aloud usability testing.

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About Me

I am a UX Researcher and Human Factors Engineer with a background in biomedical engineering and computer science.


While working as a software engineer for a medical device group, I witnessed first hand how we both fail and succeed in improving the quality of life for those who need it most through our design decisions. This is why I am passionate about using knowledge of human behaviors and capabilities, user research and usability testing to ensure that complex technologies are safe and intuitive.

Some fun facts about me:

  • My first "real job" was lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons

  • I love traveling and experiencing other cultures; I've been to 26 countries so far and hope to reach 30 before I turn 30

  • My favorite piece of technology is my continuous glucose monitor



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